Discover our range of straps and reinforcement tape for tarpaulins.

Straps and accessories for tarpaulins

Sanglons pour bâches de couleur gris, noir ou blanc

Grey, black, NATO green strapsContre-sanglon double avec dé pour bâches

Strap with D-ringContre-sanglon double avec boucle sur plaque

Strap with buckle and pad

TIR turnable staple

Rivet for staple


We offer a full range of PVC straps available with or without buckles or D-rings, as well as reinforcement tape for tarpaulins.

Of course, straps are used for truck tarpaulins, but they also offer a simple and effective fastening solution for boat covers or textile structures, such as tents and shelters for events or humanitarian work. 

These items are available in grey, white and black and they can also be produced in other colours on request with a minimum order quantity. Please contact our sales team for further information.