We offer a wide range of tools and setting machines, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. Using muscular, electric or pneumatic power, our machines provide a reliable solution that is perfectly adapted to your needs and your activity.

We offer a wide range of machines and tools for eyelets, snap fasteners, rivets and cover buttons.

Some tools :

Buttons covering tool for Presse 1000

Buttons covering tool for Presse 3500Oval punch

Round punch

Hand drive tool for round eyelets

Tool set for TIR cable ends

As a manufacturer of attaching machines and tools, we can supply a wide range of installation equipment for your eyelets, snap fasteners, rivets and cover buttons.

Our technicians are able to maintain and repair most of your attaching machines.

Hand drive tools :

We can supply hand drive tools and punches to attach all our items. We can also produce tools on request to meet your specific needs.

Our punches can be round or oval depending on the item you have to attach.

Hand operated machines :

Presse 1000 : with this small machine, you will be able to cover all sizes and models of buttons. Its function is to assemble and cover buttons with fabric.


Presse 3500 : this semi-automatic machine can cover up to 600 buttons per hour. It is perfect for assembling and covering buttons in large series. It must be combined with the Presse 1000 for cutting.

Presse 2500
: this is the perfect machine for setting items parts such as eyelets up to 8 mm inside diameter, snap fasteners, rivets, jean’s buttons and jean’s rivets.


Presse 5100 : Thanks to its rear lever, this machine does not need to be fixed. This means that it can be used anywhere and it can also set eyelets in a vertical position. The lever can be reversed so that the operator can work facing the machine. It is suitable for eyelets from 6.5 to 13.5 mm inside diameter, small oval eyelets, snap fasteners, and rivets.


Presse 8000 : this versatile machine can set most of our products. It cuts the material and can easily set big eyelets. The lever can be reversed to allow the operator to work facing the machine.

Pneumatic machines :

MAC 1500 : this is a very versatile machine. It cuts the hole and sets the eyelets simultaneously on most materials. Tools are easily interchangeable. The MAC 1500 complies with CE regulations and allows you to work safely. This machine requires low maintenance, only regular lubrication is necessary.

It can set round eyelets from 6.5 mm up to 15.5 mm inside diameter, all sizes of rolled rim grommets with spur washers, and small oval eyelets.

MAC 9500 : this machine cuts the hole and sets the eyelet simultaneously on different types of materials. It is powerful enough to set 40 mm eyelets. For smaller eyelets, the pressure can be adjusted. Tools are easily interchangeable. It is foot operated, so the operator has his hands free to hold the material. This machine requires low maintenance, only regular lubrication is necessary.

Automatic machine :

AUTO 3000 : this automatic machine has been specially designed for setting high volumes of eyelets. It is equipped with a self-piercing system that guarantees to properly cut different types of materials. The machine automatically feeds both eyelets and neck washers. A washer detector makes it impossible to set an eyelet without a washer.