Snap fasteners

Snap fasteners with one circular or two parallel springs, spronged snap fasteners.

Discover our range of snap fasteners an Jean’s buttons.

Fermoir bouton pression à ressorts - Fastners parallel springs - Verschlüsse parallele Federn

Socket with one circular springBouton-pression ressort - Ring-shaped spring - Ringförmige Feder

Socket with two circular spring
Bouton pression à griffes pour les matières délicates - pronged snap - Drückknöpfe mit Zackenbeinen

Pronged snap fastenersBouton-pression monté sur boule-vis

Stud with screwBouton de jean - Jean's Buttons - Jeansknöpfe

 Jean’s button

We produce different types of snap fasteners suitable for various applications such as garments, boat covers, or interior design.

Snap fasteners :

Our snap buttons are made of brass or stainless steel. They do not rust and can be easily attached with a hand press.

– Snap fasteners for clothing, leather goods, saddlery, cardboard

  • with two parallel springs
  • with one circular spring

Pronged snap fasteners for delicate materials such as jersey, silk, wool etc…

A snap fastener consists of 4 parts, you just have to choose the colour and the diameter of the cap.

For private individuals, please check out our snap fasteners on our Darrigol & Gagnez website.

Jean’s buttons and rivets :

Our buttons are perfect to close or sublimate jeans, chino trousers, denim jacket, denim skirt, denim shorts etc…

Please check our catalogue for the different models.